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The Data and The Virus

The data and the virus

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the spread of the new Coronavirus, has been mobilizing and altering the most central aspects of our life as a society. It is therefore not surprising that priorities and topics of research are affected by the context of the pandemic. Given this scenario, Data Privacy Brasil Research Association has been developing the ‘’The data and the virus’’ project, which works at the intersection between privacy and protection of personal data and measures to contain the pandemic.

Report Privacy and Pandemic

The report “Privacy and Pandemic: recommendations for the legitimate use of data to combat COVID-19” aims to help public and private sector agents from all over the country to make decisions that reduce the risks to privacy in the fight against pandemic. Nine recommendations are listed, such as transparency of operations, attention to the purpose and deadlines for the use of collected data and measures to contain side effects, so that safeguards to fundamental rights are provided for in public policies and other actions implemented by companies and governments.

DOWNLOAD (in portuguese): Relatório Privacidade e Pandemia

Petition STF - IBGE

Data Privacy Brasil Research participated, as amicus curiae, in a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality No. 6,387 against Provisional Measure (MP) 954/2020, which determines the sharing of user data by telecommunications service providers with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

DOWNLOAD: Petition STF (Portuguese)

WATCH: Statement - Bruno Bioni (Portuguese)

READ: Statement - Bruno Bioni


The Reports present a weekly summary of the controversies surrounding the proper use of personal data while facing COVID-19 in Brazil. The Reports analyze new projects between companies and governments, legal disputes and positions of authorities.


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WATCH (in portuguese) Video #Report 2


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Notice of Essays Selection

Descrição: Selection of essays ''COVID-19 and the rights to privacy and protection of personal data'': notice for essays on COVID-19 launched with the purpose of exploring the relationship between emergency measures to combat COVID-19 and privacy and protection of personal data. The ten best-evaluated essays will be part of a collective work, to be published in 2020 by the Data Privacy Brasil Research Association, under the academic coordination of Bruno R. Bioni & Rafael A. F. Zanatta and in an open format.

Duration: 1 year

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

Year: 2020

Status: Done

Team: Bruno Bioni, Clara Keller, Gabriela Vergili, Iasmine Favaro, Mariana Rielli e Rafael Zanatta

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