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Leveraging DPI for Safe and Inclusive Societies

 Leveraging DPI for Safe and Inclusive Societies

Aapti and Data Privacy Brasil have submitted their contribution to the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology (OSET) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) regarding the report “Leveraging DPI for Safe and Inclusive Societies“. 

The report aims to examine the current DPI ecosystem, addressing the risks inherent in the implementation of a DPI. It proposes key mitigation strategies that are vital to ensuring trust, security, inclusion and effective governance in the DPI landscape. The report is derived from an extensive consultative process and presents initial findings on the opportunities presented by DPI and notes the urgent need for protective barriers.

OSET and UNDP also state that the report serves as a basis for gathering feedback from various stakeholders. As a consequence, Aapti and Data Privacy Brasil have engaged in the process to provide some feedback on the report and start a dialogue taking into account some contributions on data protection and human rights more broadly.

In the feedback, we argue that the report does an interesting job in identifying a wide range of potential risks associated with DPI implementation. However, it lacks parameters for ensuring meaningful participation from diverse stakeholders throughout the DPI lifecycle, and it remains quiet on the definition of DPI and its examples. In addition, the report does not consider conceptions around collective privacy, data protection besides consent, as well as mechanisms for governance of non personal data. 

To check out our contributions, access the link here.