Following the lessons learned and the success of the workshop series in the ADAPT project, the DIRECT project presents itself as another one of our actions within the networks of the Global South. It is a project funded by Internews, aimed at preparing a series of workshops with partners from the Data Rights and Enforcement through Community Trust (DIRECT – Internews) consortium to discuss specific topics in defense of data protection rights. 

The bimonthly workshops are designed to promote dialogue among all DIRECT partners, with each event dedicated to a specific theme. The series proposes addressing topics related to the protection of personal data from three guiding axes: i) capacity-building for civil society organizations to address challenges related to the development of personal data protection legislations; ii) responsiveness and direction of civil society organizations in defending data protection rights in different legislative contexts; and iii) enhancement of the resilience and sustainability of civil society organizations through the strengthening of networks and resources led and provided by partner organizations.

As a space for South-to-South dialogue, the workshops are prepared to include agendas, shared challenges, and empirical knowledge acquired in the six countries where the partner organizations are from (Bolivia, Nigeria, Paraguay, Ecuador, Kenya, and Indonesia), taking into account both the aggregating elements and the specificities and complexities inherent in the Global South.

In addition to the workshops, reports and other materials will be produced to contribute to the construction and strengthening of learning networks among Global South organizations. We also aim to build a repository of materials and resources to be used by all project partners, strengthening our Global South cooperation strategy.