Data Privacy Brasil and InternetLab will seek to help civil society find ways to identify and react to the use of spyware softwares in a safe way, warning of the risks using these tools. The project will work to reduce the lack of transparency and regulation in the acquisition of these tools, in addition to promoting the strengthening of civil society organizations specialized in combating these surveillance technologies. Starting with the amicus curiae to the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality by Omission (ADO 84) filed by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which mobilizes the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to act in the face of the absence of specific regulations on surveillance tools and intelligence national.

Data Privacy Brasil and InternetLab want to address this problem by increasing awareness about the diverse capabilities of spyware softwares, their risks and possible strategic responses by civil society, as well as building the necessary capacity for these responses to be effective, both through the fostering of civil society alliances and by acquiring specific know-how of similar international experiences that can be leveraged in Brazil.