This Monday, April 24th, Data Privacy Brasil participated in the Thematic Deep Dive Session in Data Protection, organized by the co-facilitators ambassadors of the Global Digital Compact. The first Thematic Deep Dive Session focused on Digital inclusion and connectivity. The second focused on Internet governance. The third thematic session is conducted by Anna Karin Eneström, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Sweden, and Claver Gatete, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Rwanda.

The three guiding questions of the Thematic Deep Dive Session were: 

  1.  Art. 17 ICCPR recognizes the individual right to privacy. How can governments, data protection authorities’ private companies, the scientific community and civil society work together to ensure personal data is processed, stored, secured and protected against misuse?
  2. What principles would support quality and interoperable data so that governments, international organizations, the private sector, civil society and individuals can contribute to and benefit from digital trade and economy and leave no one behind?
  3. Data is a key enabler of innovation and research. How can stakeholders leverage tools such as (pseudo)anonymization, encryption, portability, etc. to drive innovation and interoperability while protecting personal data?

Data Privacy Brasil’s presentation mentioned the work conducted by the Southern Alliance for the Global Digital Compact, an alliance formed in 2023 by five organizations: Data Privacy Brasil (Brazil), Aapti Institute (India), Internet Bolivia Foundation (Bolivia), KICTANet (Kenya), and Paradigm Initiative (Pan African). The presentation also focused on capacity building for data protection authorities, precautionary approaches and new methodologies for data-driven harms, moving beyond the existing principles in data protection law.

“The Global Digital Compact will be key for bridging the Sustainable Development Goals with the field of digital rights. We are glad that the United Nations is fostering a participatory methodology. It is key to pay close attention to civil society actors from the Global South”, says Rafael Zanatta, director of Data Privacy Brasil.

You can read Data Privacy Brasil’s oral statement here. Also check out our contribution in the thematic session on Internet Governance, which took place on April 13th. Additionally, you can read the contribution of the Southern Alliance for the Global Digital Compact here.

During the next few weeks, more deep-dive sessions are taking place, check out the calendar here.

Veja Também