Starting in June 2021, the project aims to understand and map the digital civil identity systems that are being developed and implemented in the Brazilian context, to collaborate with the construction of a solid data protection culture, with a specific focus on governance and accountability measures, such as impact and risk assessments, based on the understanding that such risk assessment mechanisms are essential to guarantee the fundamental rights and freedoms of data holders.

Based on a set of concerns about inequalities, asymmetries of power between the State and citizens and risks generated by datafication processes, the project seeks to help the Public Power in the construction of adequate methodologies for impact assessment for the protection of personal data, increasing transparency with citizens, and building trust in a democratic society.

Among the objectives of the project is the exchange of experience between civil entities from the Global South, the intensification of dialogue with the Brazilian Government, and the construction of a common grammar on personal data protection in civil identity projects that have components of certification and digital authentication.


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