The Privacy and Data Protection Observatory was the Association’s first project and is a permanent project. It has two major objectives: one of them focuses on the informative aspect. The Observatory retrieves, systematizes, and gathers information on privacy and data protection, the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD), developments on the theme in the international context and more.

All this started with the LGPD Memory, a documentary series that tells the entire history of the LGPD, its background and backstage, from the perspective of 18 people who have actively engaged in its development. In addition, the Observatory also reports relevant updates on privacy and data protection through its fortnightly Bulletin and blog, which is regularly updated with articles, promotional texts, and other NGO projects.

The Observatory’s second objective, complementary to the first, is to promote debates and set the agenda on privacy and data protection, which has been done through the series of webinars “LGPD in motion”. This initiative led the Association to take part in important debates such as the Fake News Bill and is complemented by the production of studies and discussions on specific topics, such as Legitimate Interest.

The Observatory is a project whose various initiatives have multiple formats: from text to audiovisual, through interactive graphics and a game that seeks to make a complex legal topic more accessible. Thus, it materializes one of the principles of Data Privacy Brasil Research Association, which is the multiplicity of formats to reach different audiences and promote intelligent communication.

Finally, the Observatory is also international and aims for expansion: the webinars have had participants from different countries, the Legitimate Interest project had an important partnership with the Future of Privacy Forum, and all newsletters are translated into English.

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