Artigo | Expanding the role of Public Defender’s Offices in protecting personal data in Brazil | Asymmetries and Power

Notebook “Defensorship, civil society and social movements”

 Notebook “Defensorship, civil society and social movements”

The Data Privacy Brazil Research Association collaborated with the Journal “Public Defender’s Office, civil society and social movements”, published in December 2021 by the School of the State’s Public Defender’s Office (v. 6, n. 31, 2021).

Organized by Gulherme Piccina, Peter Schweikert, Leila Sponton and Giancarlo Vay, the Journal aims to highlight the constant and necessary harmony between the Public Defender’s Office, Civil Society and Social Movements, bringing articles that demonstrate the collaborative and articulated work between the institution, entities and society in general to overcome numerous and varied problems faced by marginalized populations.

The article proposes that the debate on data protection in the Public Defender’s Office should take into account (i) the impossibility of transplanting methodologies from the private sector to the public sector, (ii) the structural differences between Public Defender’s Offices, breaking with the idea of something monolithic and (iii) opportunities for experimentation and training, promoting horizontal learning between Defenders.

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