Annual Report 2021

Consolidation and expansion. These are the two words that best define the second year of existence of Data Privacy Brasil Research Association. After experiencing intense growth throughout 2020, we organized our headquarters, improved our management processes, and achieved even more significant capacity for political advocacy in Brazil and international articulation. Thanks to remote work, we stopped being an organization of academic-activists based in São Paulo and incorporated people from Porto Alegre, Brasília, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, and several other cities, from Brazilian South to the Northeast regions, into the team. The Brasil in our name improved its foundation base.

Our Association is made up of the passion of people who believe in research in the public interest and by funders committed to ethics in supporting research and to social justice and democracy. And it was with this passion that we worked throughout 2021.

From a research point of view, we finished our first temporary projects and strengthened the base of permanent projects alongside partners in distinct fields. This model helped us to amplify the capacity for reflection and investigation, within a concept according to which the protection of personal data cannot be understood as an isolated area but permeated by diverse issues regarding social justice.

We also have established firm and constant points of contact with Brazilian public policy makers at various levels. In addition, we have intensified our internationalization with partnerships with organizations from the Global South in an exchange process in which we share the Brazilian experience linked to the defense of digital rights and absorb the experience of countries with a socioeconomic reality similar to the Brazilian.

2021 in figures


mentions in Brazilian and international media


participations in events in Brazil and worldwide


publications, including e-books, academic and opinion articles, research reports, etc.


podcast episodes released


online debates held, between lives and webinars


participations in public hearings in the Executive and Legislative Branches


Governance e and Regulation

Governance and Regulation

Asymmetries and Power

Asymmetries and Power


The source of funding is a crucial element for a non-profit organization. Therefore, in 2020, we designed a policy with clear criteria to assess the pertinence or otherwise of receiving funds, whether public, private or from philanthropic sources. The central point of these rules is to guarantee our autonomy and independence in the development of research and other activities. 

We also have a Group of Independent Reviewers, responsible for previously analyzing donations received that exceeded BRL 200,000.00, to ensure that this funding would not interfere with the independence or ethical commitment of our Association. This year, we updated the policy, bringing it into line with the rules set out in our Conflict-of-Interest Policy.

In 2021, we worked with a slightly reduced budget compared to the previous year: BRL 2.37 million in comparison with BRL 2.92 million. This did not, however, prevented us from distributing investments in a greater volume of projects, as well as expanding our team, which increased from 20 to 31 employees.

Distribution by type of funder

64% international NGOs R$ R$ 1.520.000
21% private sector R$ R$ 498.750
15% national NGOs R$ R$ 356.250
Total expenditure R$ BRL 2,375,000