What is the Datafication and Democracy Fund (DDF)? 

Datafication is a complex and profound process of social transformation. It affects the transformation of public services mediated by information technologies, the emergence of digital public infrastructures, the way elections are driven by data, the redesign of markets and platforms, and many areas of civic life. In addition to deliberative processes and elections, datafication accentuates democratic problems, such as transparency, due process and respect for citizens’ autonomy.

Many datafication projects occur more intensely in the Global South, such as the implementation of digital civil identities, the emergence of new financial data interoperability arrangements, the provision of public services through ICTs and the use of software and platforms that allow focusing and segmenting the population in the execution of public policies through large databases and machine learning techniques.

Despite the Global South being strongly affected by datafication in democratic terms, there are few resources channeled so that civil organizations from the Global South can organize their work and influence institutional spaces responsible for formulating principles and standards for these new areas. Faced with this concern, Data Privacy Brasil, Paradigm Initiative and Aapti Institute joined forces to launch the Datafication & Democracy Fund. The fund is operationally managed by Data Privacy Brasil with support from the National Endowment for Democracy.

Target audience

Non-profit and non-governmental organizations from the Global South with active engagement in activities around digital rights policy and advocacy.

What we will fund

Activities that strengthen the work of Global South NGOs on issues of datafication and democracy, which include (but are not limited to) research initiatives, policy analysis, advocacy, including, partially, core mission support. The selection process will be based on regional representation. We will prioritize proposals from organizations that work, or are directed by minority groups.

What we will not fund?

Lobbying activities, such as: proposing specific changes in the wording of a legislative proposal; calling for action or public demonstration regarding a legislative proposal; giving guidance to a legislator on how to vote on a legislative proposal;

Who can apply to the fund?

Civil and non-governmental organizations registered in countries of the Global South (Global Majority) and capable of receiving international donations through private contracts

How do we fund?

The funding will be realized through international donations through private contracts

Funding amount (per project)

From US$ 2.000,00 to US$ 8.000,00 per subgrant

How will be the  registration process

Through an online form

From: November 28th, 2023;

To: February 29th, 2024

Composition of the selection committee

Aapti Institute, Data Privacy Brasil and Paradigm Initiative

How the evaluation will be conducted:

A dedicated evaluation committee, composed of representatives from the steering committee of the Global South Alliance (including Data Privacy Brasil, Aapti Institute, and Paradigm Initiative), will review and assess all submitted proposals. Between the two rounds of analysis, the applications will be submitted for discussion to a small group of independent experts, to ensure a greater transparency to the selection process.

The evaluation criteria include: a clear advocacy strategy, address a relevant political issue, and be connected to the problem of datafication and democracy.  The Committee will also assess where the entity is located and where it carries out its work, as well as the quality of the proposal, if the objectives are well defined, if the activities are clear, if there is an execution schedule and if the proposal demonstrates the potential for real impact.


What is needed for the application:

  1. A cover letter detailing the organization’s experience and interest in the research program;
  2. A proposal (maximum five pages) including project theme and scope, project overview, methodology, goals and aimed results;
  3. A proposed budget of up to US$8.000,00;

Basic conditions of the subgrant:

  1. The research must be connected to broader digital rights issues that affect the Global South community and not only the country of the organization;
  2. The research will be licensed in Creative Commons and can be freely distributed to all members of the Alliance;
  3. The subgrantee must produce one report after three months and one final report after six months of the donation;
  4. The subgrantee must nominate one focal point that will be in touch with the Secretariat and the Digital Librarian of the Alliance;
  5. The payment will be made in two installments, unless negotiated differently with Data Privacy Brasil;
  6. The payment will be made by Data Privacy Brasil Research Association, located in São Paulo, Brazil;

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