Graduated in Law from FGV Direito SP and researcher at the Center for The Analysis of Freedom and Authoritarianism (LAUT). She worked as a researcher at the Data Privacy Brazil Research Association, in the project “Defending Brazil from Technoautoritarianism: a proposal of strategic advocacy and impact litigation”, and fgv Direito SP, in the project “Democracy and Representation in elections 2018: election campaigns, financing and gender diversity”. She was also research coordinator at Morais Andrade Advogados and an academic intern at Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Porto Macedo Júnior in philosophy of law at FGV Direito SP. During graduation, He was awarded the Merit Scholarship Mr. Luiz Simões Lopes and the Scholarship of the Presidency, both from FGV Direito SP. She was also a CNPq fellow for the Scientific Initiation Program of FGV Direito SP.

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